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Outage - 30/03 to 31/03
Dear all,

Apologies for the outage of our new community.  

Unfortunately, as we initially discussed on the launch, there are a small, yet significant minority, of unscrupulous and deplorable individuals seeking to take advantage of the global pandemic and scam people.  

In order to protect people from scams, yesterday Nominet, the registrar of UK domain names, suspended hundreds of domains.  

Unfortunately, this rapid action had an unfortunate side effect of suspending a number of legitimate websites including ours at Coronavirus Community.  

We have been in dialogue with Nominet over the past 24 hours who are satisfied that we are a legitimate, caring community determined to help during the crisis with good intentions and actions and this why they have corrected their mistake and restored our registration - and thereby access to the website.  

No further outages are expected as the issue is now resolved.  


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