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Ryanair sends vouchers to customers who REQUESTED CASH!
We know airlines are fighting for survival (aren't we all!?) and most are making claiming a refund difficult - i.e. we'll apply travel vouchers to your account automatically but if you want cash you'll have to join our extremely long call queue where you're currently number 234585873457349 in the queue.  

But Ryanair have taken this to another level.  

Going through all the hoops and waiting on the phone for hours, they agree to send the cash refund that you're entitled to and, BOOM!  Guess what arrives?  Vouchers for Ryanair with all the usual restrictions and issues that goes along with them.  

Sure, it's one thing to ask your customers to consider vouchers, but entirely another to betray them by accepting a request and then carrying out a different response to what was agreed.  

Good on MoneySavingExpert for reporting them to the CMA.  

Watch this space!
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